StevieYesterday, the first day of spring, had a Stevie Wonder soundtrack. I listened to “Master Blaster” (Jammin’, not the Mad Max character), “You are the Sunshine of my Life“, and other great songs. It was an excellent theme for the morning, as I walked the puppy from the east side over to the west side, around the neighborhood and back. 3 hours of non-stop Stevie.

The combination of Stevie, sunshine, puppy energy, and flowers & leaf buds everywhere made for a fantastic morning.  Bass and enthusiasm and undying optimism.  Even the righteous anger of “Cash in your Face” has a sense of determination that stems from hope and joy.  Stevie can make unrequited love a matter of hope and optimism.  It’s a great way to start the weekend and the spring.

Today is LoFi.  Lots of piano pounding and distorted guitar.  I think tomorrow may have a punk-funk fusion motif:  RHCP, Cake, Death, and Sublime.  Don’t know Death?  You should definitely get acquainted.