This winter Gordon and I renovated our country kitchen. When we bought the house the kitchen looked like this:The Catskills Kitchen, pre-mini-remodel

All we did was paint, hardware, tile and countertops, but the improvement is astronomical.

Well, we did a little more than just that. We knocked down that silly little gingerbreading above the sink. We took down the gauzy curtain. We painted the cabinets inside and out, a nice sunny goldenrod. We tiled the backsplash with travertine. We replaced the formica with butcher block countertops, and swapped out all the hardware. Gordon made us a small island that he topped with extra butcher block. And once we put down the reclaimed wood floor throughout the house we’ll get rid of that old linoleum. Here’s what it looks like now, and we didn’t even touch the appliances! It’s amazing how big a difference you can make just changing out the key surfaces …

The Catskills Kitchen, post-mini-remodelGordon also changed the faucet for one of those cool ones that has a spout that pulls out and becomes a sprayer, and the sink now has a little soap pump. He is interested in tying it all together with stainless steel appliances, but that strikes me as a bit too modern and cold for this warm, country kitchen. I was thinking more a cream enamel. Anyone have any thoughts on appliances?

Next time I’ll show you what we’ve been doing to the outside of the house. There’s been a lot of work outside, let me tell you, to the house and to the yard. And then, too, there’s the upcoming master bathroom remodel – Gordon’s finished the demolition phase (he has all the fun). It’s been fully gutted down to sheetrock and plywood, and we’re waiting for the final pieces to come in before we kick off the rebuilding.