So here’s the video of Ritchie and Randy pulling the tree out of the stream. Ritchie’s up on the back of the truck, working the mechanical arm, and Randy’s on the chainsaw. At this point, Ritchie’s already picked up the tree and rotated it to allow Randy to cut off a branch, 15′ long by about 1.5′ diameter.

In this second video, Ritchie is loading the three logs onto the truck. The biggest log fits with about half a foot to spare – and Randy measured it to fit by pacing it off while it was still suspended in the stream bed. These guys have been doing this for a long, long time. When the video sort of sags and the truck is off center – that’s when I was staring openmouthed at what they were doing, so dumbfounded I forgot I was filming. I do that twice in this two minute clip.