We lost a gorgeous, healthy 80′ oak tree to the winter storms this year. It fell from the cliff overlooking our stream, toppling over the stream and bringing down about ten smaller, younger trees as it fell. Gordon and I cleared the top 40′ or so that extended past the tree line into our yard, and that took us two weeks and 4 runs to the chipping yard (no fireplace yet). But we’ve been at a loss to figure out what to do with the main trunk. It’s another 40′ long and 2’+ in diameter, suspended about 10′ above the stream bed.

innocuous enough, right?

Well, this weekend we met Ritchie, a neighbor with a big ol’ logging truck with some kind of hydraulic pincer arm and vanity plates that say “LOG IT”.

Richie's on the back of the truck

Ritchie came over today and took the thing away just, you know, to be a good neighbor. He brought his employee, Randy, and they cleared the tree away in under 10 minutes! Randy’s the one in this shot, with the chainsaw.

Randy's on the chainsaw

I took a couple of minutes of video of them pulling this tree out, cutting it down to fit on the truck, and stacking it on board – it’s amazing how fast and efficient the process was. I can’t post video directly from my phone but I’ll put it online this week after I’ve downloaded it to the laptop.