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Chrome gets a cybersecurity primer

Chrome’s adding a mouseover feature to clarify complex cybersecurity terms using analogies like zombies and postcards. On the one hand, it helps non-technical people understand some of the negative implications of some pretty complex technical attacks. On the other hand, it likens a DDOS to a high school prank, which is probably an unhelpful degree of reductivism. Botnets are zombie armies and other helpful analogies from Alphabet’s new Chrome extensionhttp://mashable.com/2017/03/14/alphabet-jigsaw-sideways-dictionary/?utm_cid=hp-hh-sec#I10wJdJeoSqFGoogle’s parent.. Read More


White Privilege

This is a great article about white privilege that really speaks sensitively to why it’s so hard for many white people to acknowledge, while still standing firm on the indisputable fact that it exists. It’s a well-written, heartfelt, understanding discussion. http://www.rogerebert.com/mzs/what-white-privilege-really-means-an-anecdote


Six Sentences

The challenge: tell a story in six sentences. At twilight, Dex climbed the old tree and settled on the branch that gave him the best view of the paint-spattered wall and door. Those hooligans were going to get it this time, he thought, as he carefully trimmed a couple of small, leafy twigs that were impairing his view. When they come back tonight to finish that graffiti, I’ll make them.. Read More


On the social obligation to give back

One of the primary arguments against higher income people paying higher taxes than lower income people is that it penalizes the successful.  But this argument supposes that the successful became successful in a vacuum – that they did it without receiving the benefits of other peoples’ taxes, which is clearly not the case.  Elizabeth Warren put this very well last year: There is nobody in this country who got rich.. Read More



Upset stomach, why? Cold toes from ice on the street … Cost of snowy dog walks.